About Us

The law offices of Barbaro, Chinen, Pitzer & Duke, LLP, have a heritage that reaches back to 1891. For more than a century, the attorneys and the predecessors comprising the firm have led the way in local organizations, including the founding of the Pasadena Bar Association, while maintaining a time-proven reputation for integrity and discernment.

The firm name has changed from time to time to reflect the names of its active practicing partners, including Merriam, Rinehart & Merriam; Rinehart, Merriam, Parker & Berg; Parker, Berg, Lord & Soldwedel; and Parker, Berg, Soldwedel, Palermo & Kincaid. The firm’s reputation for quality legal service, however, has remained constant.

Judge J. H. Merriam opened the original office at 42 East Colorado Boulevard. His son, Ralph T. Merriam, and colleague, Jay D. Rinehart, joined him in 1917 to form Merriam, Rinehart & Merriam. J.H. Merriam was an active, respected political and civic leader who served as Justice of the Peace for Pasadena Township and helped organize the original Pasadena Bar Association. Both Merriams practiced for more than forty years with the firm, setting high standards for community activity and legal work.

During the Merriam era, Harvey M. Parker and J. Harold Berg joined the firm and practiced for over sixty and fifty years, respectively. Former partner, Fred W. Soldwedel, practiced with the firm for 35 years. Other past partners of the firm include Otho G. Lord (retired probate commissioner) and Ronald D. Kincaid.

Today, from their offices on the seventh floor at 301 East Colorado Boulevard, the current attorneys at Barbaro, Chinen, Pitzer & Duke, LLP, with more than 125 years of combined legal experience, continue the legacy of their former partners by practicing with integrity and personal attention to their clients.